Decade Ceremony Report

Name of Department: Post Graduate Department of Electronics Brijlal Biyani Science College, Amravati.

Details of the Event organized: Decade Ceremony

Date: Tuesday, the 19th February 2019.

Name of the Activity:

  1. B.Voc Website Launching & Result Declaration
  2. Plenary Talk on Health Care Management
  3. Webinar on Carrier Opportunities in Health Care sector from Dhaka(Bangladesh)
  4. Poster competition & Equipment Exhibition
  5. Invited Talks of Eminent Alumni
  6. Alumni Meet & Sharing of Experiences by Alumnus
  7. Draft Syllabus for Next Generation

Duration: 12 hr.
Day: 01
Time: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Resource Person:

1) Name : Mr. Vinod Paratkar
Affiliation : INDO Asian Business Advisory, Pune.
Designation : Director
Field of Specialization : Entrepreneurship Development, Skill Education, Electronics manufacturing Policy, Incubation Centers, etc
2) Name : Dr. S.S. Yawale
Qualification : M.Sc, PhD
Affiliation : Govt. Sydenham Institute, Mumbai
Designation : Director
Field of Specialization : Solid state Physics, Electronics
3) Name :Dr. Kazi Salim & Mita Bose
Qualification : M.A, Ph.D.
Affiliation : Health Smith Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad.
Designation :Founder & the Managing Director
Field of Specialization : Health care Management
4) Name : Mr. Prafulla Wadaskar
Qualification : M.Sc
Affiliation : VADACTRO Pune.
Designation : Founder & Director
Field of Specialization : SL bus technology, Smart lamp Technology
5) Name : Mr. Rajesh Dhoot
Qualification : M.Sc.
Affiliation : VADACTRO, Pune.
Designation : R & D Manager
Field of Specialization : SL bus technology, Smart lamp Technology.
6) Name : Dr. Y.B. Gandole
Qualification : M.Sc, PhD
Affiliation : Adarsh Mahavidhyala, Dhamangaon Railway
Designation : Principal

Topic Covered:

  • Health Care Management.
  • Carrier Opportunities in Health Care Sector.
  • Drafting of Syllabus for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Electronics, Bio-Medical Electronics and Mechatronics.


  • Dr. D. S. Dhote (Professor & Head, PG Department of Electronics)
  • Dr. G. D. Agrahari (Associate Professor)
  • Mr. K. A. Borkar (Associate Professor)

Committee Members:

  • Dr. G.A. Raut
  • Mr. S.K.Shelke
  • Ms. A.M.Tembhare
  • Ms. N.R.Agrawal
  • Ms. S.K.Lunge
  • Ms. A.G.Tople
  • Ms. S.S.Nandurkar

Number of Faculty / Student: Faculty: 30 / Students: 150

Whether submitted to IQAC:: YES

Date of Submission: ___________

Whether uploaded on the College Website: YES

Date of uploading: __________

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