Girls Hostel

The college has established a Girls Hostel in College campus for the convenience of girls coming from other towns / villages. The students may contact Warden of Hostel or college office for admissions. The admissions are finalised on first come first admitted basis.

Earn While You Learn Scheme

The college with the financial support from the Foundation Society has Introduced Earm While Learn scheme from 2006-07. The needy and deserving students are provided financial assistance between Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- per month depending upon the need of the student and availability of funds through this scheme in 2015-16 Rs.86,950/- was provided to 18 students. The students are expected to work for two or three hours in a day for the college under this scheme. The Principal may be contacted directly for the details.

Medical Facilities

Dr. Manjushree Boob has adopted this Institution for Women Health Care. Any Girl student of the College can consult her at her clinic during OPD hours free of Charges in case of any Medical problem. The student should keep with her identity card of the College during checkup. Similar facility is being introduced for boys. College provides diagnostic and therapeutic aids to its students. For this, the medical examination is carried out in the month of July-August and the students are provided with advice and medicine, if necessary,

Nature Club and Garden Club

In order to undertake the beautification work of the campus and to involve the students in these activities “Nature Club” and “Garden Club” are established In the College. The Nature Club undertakes activities such as vermiculture project, bonsai preparation, mushroom cultivation, visiting nurseries of the city, arranging flower shows, etc. The Garden Club undertakes the beautification and maintenance of college Garden and other plantation in the campus.

Health Club (Niramaya Arogya Mandal)

For allround development of any person, it is necessary that one must be physically as well as mentally fit. For building a healthy body and mind the students need a special training. To achieve this, a Health Club-Niramaya Arogya Mandal has been established in the college. A well equipped Gymnasium is also established in oollege. The Health Club organises activities such as lectures by specialists doctors, demonstrations on yoga, organising Yoga camps, etc.